Limitless Marketing Group, based in Huntsville, AL, specializes in direct marketing and consultative sales for global consumer brands. We build in-person connections that bridge the gap between large corporate service providers and the customers that use their services. Privately held, we were founded in early 2017 by entrepreneur, Kevin Richardson.



There is no such thing as results without integrity. At Limitless Marketing Group we pride ourselves on treating our clients, their customers, and each other with honor and respect. We are a firm that can be counted on to deliver on our promises and to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Deep bonds are at the core of our success. We strive daily to have a positive impact on everyone who crosses our path. Not only are we a close-knit team at Limitless Marketing Group, but we strive to develop genuine and long-lasting relationships with our clients and their customers.


We believe in doing what it takes to get the job done. We are entrepreneurially minded and believe in taking accountability for our actions. We are hard working, unafraid of obstacles, and we know what it means to set a goal and actually achieve it.


Our service offering is unique. Whereas many marketing firms focus on building brand recognition over time, Limitless Marketing Group drives revenue immediately. By meeting with our clients’ important customers in person, we are able to get to know their respective needs and then deliver customized solutions on the spot.

Clients of Limitless Marketing Group can rest assured that none of their customers are treated like numbers on a spreadsheet. A personalized approach ultimately sets our firm apart from our marketing and advertising counterparts.

Continuous growth is our priority. Before taking on a new client, we ensure that there is a thriving market with untapped potential.

We exclusively partner with companies who provide service-based necessities, rather than luxury niche brands, to ensure that our services will be in need for the foreseeable future — no matter the health of the economy.

Effective employee training is at the backbone of our growth. We devote a significant amount resources to the professional development of our team members.

As we’ve seen over and over again, when our people are thriving in their careers and care deeply about their results, everyone wins and growth takes care of itself.